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Express App with React


I built this to begin developing without starting from scratch. Most of the programs I use involve some type of html documentation that should have dynamic elements, store information in a DB, use an API, and generate API endpoints. This specific project, I wanted to use React!

Deep Dive


|-- public
    |-- favicon.ico
    |-- index.html
|-- src
    |-- client
        |-- assets
        |-- components
        |-- views
    |-- server
        |-- index.js

The public folder contains the static public assets for the project

The src folder contains the frontend and backend logic. In this folder there are two more folders which contain the frontend and backend logic. The client folder contains react logic and the server folder contains express logic to serve the react frontend and house any APIs.

How To Use


npm run dev


npm start

More Info

For more info, please reference the GitHub repo!. It will contain the most up to date information on the application.

Last update: November 26, 2020