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Domain Info API


This program provides an API that can help scrape websites to find technologies being used, the open page rank, dns entries and social media links. It uses open source projects for data collection so its always improving.

Deep Dive


|-- bin
    |-- www
|-- functions
    |-- dns.js
    |-- openpagerank.js
    |-- social_media.js
    |-- wappalyzer.js
    |-- whois.js
|-- tests
    |-- spec.js
|-- app.js
|-- swagger.json
In the bin folder, there is a file called www that contains the web server logic.

In the functions folder, there are many files that contain the endpoint logic. This includes DNS, open page rank, social media, wappalyzer and whois information.

The tests folder contains a single file called spec.js. This file provides simple tests for the endpoints you can use to make sure they are working correctly before merging your changes.

The app.js file contains the core app logic for the endpoints.

The swagger.json file contains the swagger information for display on the index page.

How To Use


  1. npm run dev
  2. Visit localhost:3000 for the swagger UI


  1. npm start
  2. Visit localhost:3000 for the swagger UI

More Info

For more info, please reference the GitHub repo!. It will contain the most up to date information on the application.

Last update: November 26, 2020