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Simple Chrome Extension


As you may have guessed by the title, this is a super simple chrome extension. This extension has an html popup with basic style and javascript. The core mechanics include a js background script that checks if the "on" button in the ui is enabled to inject a console log statement in the tab you activated the extension on. It also has a visual "on" statement when the extension is active.

Deep Dive


|-- background
    |-- background.js
    |-- core.js
|-- popup
    |-- popup.css
    |-- popup.html
    |-- popup.js
|-- manifest.json
|-- sample-icon.png
The background folder contains the scripts that will run if the extension is activated.

  • background.js contains the logic that checks the popup details to see if the core.js code should fire.
  • core.js contains the logic that will fire the JS console log message on the tab.

The popup folder contains the files for the popup only. I think the files in this folder are pretty self explanatory. 😉

The manifest.json file contains configuration details for the extension.

How To Use

Development Turn on developer mode in chrome and select the "load unpacked" button to upload this plugin locally.

Publishing: Please read the google instructions on how to zip and submit your extension to the chrome store

More Info

For more info, please reference the GitHub repo!. It will contain the most up to date information on the application.

Last update: November 26, 2020